Sunday, September 21, 2014


Arashi is a japanese idol group. They celebrating their 15 years recently by having a concert in Hawaii.
I started became their fan around June 2014. quite recent right
well i know matsujun since Hana yori Dango.
But during that rime I only know him as the brat aka Doumyuji Tsukasa
What I love about them?
I watched their dvd concert accidentally.
I never ever being a concert. but from what I know the singer is singing on the stage
But Arashi concert is different
They have moving stage, firework, and some extraordinary props.
it cost a lot to go to their concert
I laso like their song.
Some of the song have very meaningful meaning at least for me since i'm struggle doing my PSM.
Singing their song and watch the dvd concert release my tension.
I don't watch kpop mv lately as much as I used too.
Hope if there Arashi Blast Hawaii dvd concert sell,
 during that time i already work and have enough salary for buying the dvd.

random rant since i got no one to tell about arashi around my peers.
Gambatte Arashi!!!!!!!!!

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