Sunday, April 22, 2012

Growing old versus growing up

it's been a long time since the last post.and here I am back and hopefully for a long time. This year I am officially 21 years old. I was getting mixed of reaction. Some of my friend said i'm mature, others said i'm childish. Honestly, i'm still thinking that i am just the same like i was in high school. But I noticed some changed. Maybe a signal that I'm growing up and growing old. There is a feeling to be in love, realize the necessity to be pretty and thinking more in logical way. My preferences also changed. interested more to what happen around the world
Still, i like watching/reading anime/cartoon, marathon Korean drama/variety show and gossiping with my friends and doing other childish stuff  indicates I'm still not growing up. i guess, in my parents point of view, i'm still a child since i don't think they trust me yet like an adult.
whatever it is, i'm hoping that i'm growing up and growing old at the same time. it's meaningless to growing old yet you don't mature and newbie in a lot of thing.
I'm 21..the age of adolescence. Neither kid nor old


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