Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the ReSult

The year will be ending soon. A new semester will begin. But before that i have to face the my first semester result. hmm.. my result is not good and i mean it. already told my mother.the feedback? doesnt say anthing, she just saind later you tell abah and wait for abah to scold you. iam not ease with my mother respond. she stay quiet. feel guilty to make them dissapointed. stay silence is the worst feedback. i think. i have to be brave to tell my result to my father. sooner or later, he still will know it. nothing can can change the reult since it aleready past. but ichange the result in future. a lot of change i should do. what i said or promised are doenst matter if i not execdute what i said. chaiyok! and gambate for me next year


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