Saturday, November 8, 2014

Farewell my Youth?!

I guess nobody will ever read this blog. No one wants to read and know about my life. I'm not attention seeker yet I like to post my feeling..Hmm?? Just some random rant.

I'm  will be in mid 20's soon. My University life will be end soon if I don't further study( not that I looking for it). Looking behind, I did not know what I leave behind. By times my youth was gone. Gone days laughing, act crazy, and crying with my friends. ime always lost and what remain is just memories

Unfortunately, I don't  keep enough my memories enough. My day is just in front of the computer, watching drama, gossiping and just act immature. I wish I doing something meaningful in my life before I die. will I be able to?

To anyone who reads this..well maybe it just me wh have no Idea what she wrote before,  I alwaus like to write the blog when I'm  haveing mood swing. It is either I excited or I am very excited about something.Heol...
end of my rant
 goodbe to my youth soon!
 Wishing and hoping that I will be a reliabe and mature person when I reach the end of my sweet 20's year


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