Thursday, September 11, 2014

a world problem? heart toying with me

I feel like I have a have heart full of worries. i can't explain the feeling. When I'm alone sitting doing work and hearing a slow song that feeling came. Like I have the world burden on my shoulder. Sigh..i'm not the type of person that tell my problem to others. I get a feeling that if I tell, that person will never understand me and the respond that they give just not sincere. Just a sweet word from them to calm my heart..Perhaps this feeling will never ceased as ..well life is surrounded with problem
But I will try..
At least i will try to stay positive, never to run from my problem again, and be sincere to others..Not succumb to my sad emotion otherwise i may get depression. I wish not..
In a bright side,
i know I'm not alone. 
i will never know the future that wait for me or what difficulty that I will face
Perhaps that make my life full of excitement. Right?.
the success, failure, happy and sad moment that I faces make me a better human

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